Aegna timetable and day cruises

On a day cruise, guests can stay in Aegna for a little over four hours. The island of Aegna is not very large, with a coastline of 10 km, and in case of a well-planned route, it is actually possible to visit the most important and interesting places on the island during that time.

For this occasion, it makes sense to order a tour guide who, in addition to organizing a smooth tour, can also tell you exciting things about the sights of Aegna. In addition, there will definitely be time left for bathing and eating ice cream.

Although Aegna seems to be a small island, a thick primeval forest grows here, and the first-time visitor can easily lose direction and purpose on narrow winding footpaths.

A 3-hour guided tour introduces visitors to the island’s military sites, cultural history, and its unique history.

The first stop is at the densest blockfield in Estonia – 23 protected boulders are located on the 170 × 140 m square, in addition to a dozen smaller ones. We can find out where Tulekivi (Fire Stone) got its name.

Aegna sõidugraafik, Aegna eksursioon. kivikülv

Right next to the blockfield is also the island’s unique cemetery.

Aegna ekskursioon . ajalooline kalmistu

The second stop is at one of Aegna’s most important military sites, the command post, from where artillery fire of the entire island was once directed. Right next to it, we find the city of Jerusalem.

Aegna ekursioon - kivilabürint

The third stop takes place in the center of the island, where there was once bustling life before the Second World War. The most prominent objects here are the Flora Officers’ Casino and the huge barrack-canteen.

Aegna sõidugraafik, Ekskursioon Aegnal - kasarmu

The fourth stop is one of Aegna’s most powerful military objects – Battery no. 1. Once upon a time, there were two huge artillery towers with a local command center. Not far from the batteries, we can see the ruins of the floodlight shelter and the exit road of the floodlight. However, a few hundred meters away is a nice sandy beach.

Aegna ekskursioon, Peeter Suure merekindluse Patarei nr 1

After that, the path takes us back to the port, where it is possible to order a great home-cooked lunch.

Prices for Aegna day cruises

sõidugraafik Aegnale

Prices are only valid for online purchases! Ask for an offer if the trip is not on schedule or if you want to pay on the basis of an invoice (min.10 persons).

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On Saturday and Sunday, the ship will leave at 10:30

We leave Naissaar on Saturday and Sunday at 5:30 p.m. We go to the island via Aegna. Back in town at 7:30 p.m.

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Aegna timetable and regular trips

Aegna timetable allows you to buy tickets in separate directions as well as in both directions.

Select a direction from the timetables and click on the appropriate departure time.

When buying a ticket, you can add a tour, food, and accommodations.


If you also want accommodations with the ticket, write in the additional ticket information whether you want a room for 2 or 4 people or more. Accommodation prices are 15-40 €/person



Ask for an offer if the trip is not on schedule or if you want to pay on the basis of an invoice (min.10 person)

FULL SERVICE  discounts for groups. Info +3725145118    Chat in Whatsapp

Location of the ship

The passenger ship MONICA is located on the shore of the Pirita River on the Merivälja side, between the bridge and the Surf Club. Check-In starts 30 minutes before the scheduled departure and ends 15 minutes before the scheduled departure time.


200m from the ship at Merivälja tee 1e, there is a free parking lot with video surveillance. See the rules for using the car park:

When delivering goods to the ship, drive around the surf boat to the river. Load the goods in front of the ship and take the car back to the parking lot.

Free and paid parking in Pirita

The area hatched in green is a paid parking area, 6 eur/h. The non-hatched area is free.
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